Crop It! Cam


It’s camera app for iPhone.

Taking photos, developing them with fun animations. “Fun to use” is our concept.

Crop the world! Cutting what you are seeing now, and save it to a photo. “Crop It! Cam” is very fun and wonder camera like that!

You can see the animations at our support site.

Let’s crop the daily memories before they are gone with “Crop It! Cam” now!

This app inspired from the Polaroid’s promo video below.

Screen Shots

IMG_0170.PNG IMG_0172.PNG

IMG_0074.PNG IMG_0070.PNG

IMG_0030.PNG IMG_0199.PNG

Photos by Crop It! Cam

015002.jpg 014 (2).jpg

028.jpg 027.jpg

020.jpg 019.jpg

016.jpg 015.jpg

0102.jpg 0092.jpg

0082.jpg 0072.jpg